Hibs players rank up as Joe Newell does a good job with daft challenge to earn Hampden bath early

19 Apr 2022 | 08:12 | Football

Hibs’ season looks to be coming to an end after their Scottish Cup dream came to an end at the hands of nasty opponents.

Looks like it could be a rough afternoon for By Shaun Maloney The men behind Hearts scored two lightning goals but Chris Cadden managed to give them hope at Hampden.

Before Celtic star Maloney tweaked Hibs’ system during halftime and they pushed Heart in the second half. But, as the story of their season, they just couldn’t put the ball in the net.

This is the way Hibs The players are ranked as of today as they currently have the last five games the last six to play:

Matt Macey: Forced to watch two sensational hits slip past him in the first half but didn’t do much wrong. Made some smart stops including a pretty low header on his left to knock Simms out in the second half. 7

Paul McGinn: Alex Cochrane picked up his bag as he prepared for the opening goal. Skip the rest of the time and don’t leave too much fun on his side. 6

Paul Hanlon: Destroyed by quick opening goals but was confronted by Hearts’ attack as the game progressed. Pose a threat in the opposing box. 6

Ryan Porteous: It was unlucky not to be able to score a header early in the second half. His job was cut but did a good job keeping Boyce around. 7

Chris Cadden: Has been one of the few Hibs highlights in recent months and is the main hit shop again. Drove out to get a lifeline but needed help to continue. 7

Joe Newell: Summary Hibs’ day. Slow start but got into the game and he was the one running the program when he received the marching orders. The red looks a bit harsh but it started showing up with the yellow card. 5

Jake Doyle-Hayes: Having difficulty finding space in the first half with the congestion of the midfield. Get into the game more after the break when Hibs goes to battle. 6

Lewis Stevenson: Not tired in his midfield role. Didn’t go his way in the opening half but never shied away and made sure his team didn’t roll over this time around. Replaced at the end of the day. 6

Harry Clarke: It was a surprise to see the centre-back come on as a full-back. To be fair, he got off to a good start with a breakthrough on the flank and was quite comfortable on the ball. 6

Ewan Henderson: Had a tough job supporting the front line but was frequently forced to drop deep to support midfield because Hearts had a foothold. Create some real moments of quality around the box. 7

James Scott: It turned out to be a somewhat lonely role. Tried to get close to the defenders and tried to get down but struggled to get serve and then support when he got the ball. 6


Josh Campbell (for McGinn 75) Lucky didn’t see red for a wild tackle by Barrie McKay. Gives a boost to Hibs as they maintain thrust despite losing a man. 4

Elias Merkersen (for Stevenson 75) Increased speed and additional presence came to the forefront as Maloney broke through in the closing stages. Had the chance he coveted late in the game but headed wide of the post. 4

Chris Muller (for Henderson 89) Tried in huge overtime but couldn’t figure out how to get through. 2

Sylvester Jasper (for Scott 89) The next roll is the last throw of the dice but has no chance to make an impact. 2

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