Andy Considine reveals Aberdeen ‘mourning’ as he takes aim at emotional Pittodrie

19 Jun 2022 | 08:34 | Football

It didn’t end the way it was supposed to for Andy Considine at Aberdeen.

After 18 years of service there should have been satisfaction, not sadness.

A sense of achievement, not humour.

But when he left Pittodrie for the last time, it was nearly impossible for him to say goodbye to the staff with whom he had been with for two decades.

Considine will begin a new chapter in her career at St Johnstone next week after signing a two-year contract in Perth.

He felt wanted again, which he had become alien to in his last days in Aberdeen.

Before Scotland defender claims he wants to stay at Granite City until he hangs up his boots.

But despite Dons .’s boss Jim Goodwin said Considine has a new one-year deal, the 35-year-old insists the decision to leave is NOT his own.

After fighting back from a knee injury, he was placed on a guard of honor by teammates and opponents in his final game against St Mirren.

He then delivered a farewell speech in the dressing room signaling an unstable period for the defender.

Now, his future is at McDiarmid Park after owner Callum Davidson took him at the first opportunity.

But Considine admits leaving Aberdeen after such a long time has been difficult.

In an exclusive interview with Record sports , he said: “It was an emotional time for me and my family. Aberdeen has been an important part of our lives for so many years.

“But my time is up. You want to be where you feel like you – and that’s not the case in Aberdeen.

“I don’t need it anymore. Several people were asked to leave with me, even the staff.

“So I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye in person to some of them, which was hard.

“It’s hard to say goodbye to the boys. I spoke to them after the game against St Mirren in the dressing room and thanked them all. It’s a great group of players and I’ve played with some of them for eight or nine years.

“It’s emotional but with football you move on very quickly. There was a small period of mourning as I had been acquainted with Aberdeen for so long.

“But getting interest from St Johnstone immediately made me feel better about going into the summer.

“My hour in Aberdeen is over. What matters is my future and that of my family.”

Considine has revealed that Aberdeen president and lifelong fan Dave Cormack has yet to speak to him about his Pittodrie exit.

On 6 April, the club released a statement in which Goodwin revealed details of a new contract offer, claiming it was rejected because the player wanted more money and a deal. longer.

But Considine is adamant that he has no option to stay.

“The decision was completely out of my hands,” he said. It didn’t end the way I wanted.

“The lack of game time until the end of the game clearly shows that I am not in the coach’s plans for this season.

“So my time is up. I thought it would be in my hands but as time went on, apparently it wasn’t. The manager told me so.

“You can be at a club, like I was for 18 years, but then a new manager comes in with ideas of his own.

“Obviously, I’m not part of it.

“It is difficult to do because I think my days as a footballer will end in Aberdeen.

“I put myself and my family to fulfill there. I’m coaching the youth team so I’m also trying to rearrange my post-football life.

“I still haven’t talked to Dave about it all.

“I want to keep playing so I am very grateful that St Johnstone wants to put me in place for the next two years.

“I am looking forward to starting a new chapter in my career.”

After recovering from a severe injury last season, Considine played just 49 minutes of football for Goodwin after he became the Dons boss.

In his final game, a blow to the hip sent him off early to warm applause from Pittodrie fans.

Considine comes on as honor guard ahead of his final game for Aberdeen, against St Mirren

And the club legend hopes that he will be able to return to the club in good condition. He said: “I have enjoyed game time more.

“It didn’t happen to me but I had a few minutes before the end, which was great.

“I want to show that I can still do it at this level and my knee won’t be a problem.

“I like to think that I will always be welcome back to Aberdeen.

“The respect the fans have for me is mutual. And there is no bad opinion on my part towards the club.

“In the future, will I end up in Aberdeen in some capacity? Who knows.”

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