Abandoned by MU after 14 years, close friend Rashford remade his career in Asia

12 Feb 2022 | 16:32 | Football

 Charlie Scott grew up with Marcus Rashford and spent 14 years at Manchester United, now he has found joy in Hong Kong after a series of seemingly hopeless days.

The relationship between MU and PSV

At the end of 2019, Charlie Scott reunited with his old friend Marcus Rashford to play pool. Over the past few years, the couple have remained in regular contact and Scott hopes to be able to return to the UK soon to see his friend. A lot has happened since the couple last saw each other.

Rashford has experienced a sense of glory and defeat during England’s journey to the Euro 2020 final, he has also become a national hero with his off-field efforts. But Scott will also have his own stories to tell you. Scott said: “We usually talk on social media. But we went to play pool before I left to chat and meet. I’ve known him since he was 6 years old, he has Probably my best companion in football, so it would be good for us to have a chance to see each other again.”

The last time Scott and Rashford met face-to-face, he was working on a construction site and playing part-time in the eighth division for the local team. Less than two years before that, he had played professionally at Manchester United with Rashford, training with the likes of Paul Pogba, Wayne Rooney and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
Abandoned by MU after 14 years, young stars redo their careers in Asia - Football

 Charlie and Rashford in the youth team.

He recalls: ” I finally started working with my dad. Working on construction sites. But I didn’t give up football. I used to get up at 5 a.m., an hour before we left. working and running 5km every morning before going to work It sounds crazy, but less than two years before that I was a professional footballer for Manchester United, training with the likes of Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford. , suddenly I woke up at 5am, went to work on a construction site and just played for the local team on weekends.”

“From our first day in the academy to when we were in the reserve team, Marcus and I were the only two people who have been there since day one. When we were kids, under 13 and 14, I I think we’ve gone about two years unbeaten, which shows how strong we are.”

“Not many people can say they’ve had 14 years at a club like United, so I’m proud of that. When we were around 14 or 15, I was always at the bottom of the group. But I got it. got a two-year scholarship, then a professional contract. It’s crazy to tell people you’re a professional footballer at the biggest club in the world.”

However, Charlie was released by MU at the end of the 2017/2018 season, after playing his debut match. In leaving the club after 14 years, Scott hopes he won’t have many problems elsewhere. Instead, he didn’t get the chance after trying out a bunch of different clubs. Sheffield United, Forest Green, Scunthorpe, Crewe Alexandra, Carlisle, Salford, Altrincham, Chester all turned him down, as did clubs abroad.

“I spent all of my youth career at United, that’s all I really know, from the age of 6 to the time I made my debut at the age of 20. When I didn’t get another contract at the club. United and have to find another club, it’s a bit more difficult than I thought. People think, ‘oh, you’ve been at Man United for 14 years, you’re about to enter another club’, but 100 % it’s not. You don’t get any special treatment just because you played at United.”

“I spent about a year challenging with other clubs, I even went to a club in Denmark and Americas, I tried with LA Galaxy. And they all said no. And it was probably me, in a way. I was probably thinking, ‘oh, I’ve been at United for so many years, I can go and play anywhere’.”

That was the period when Scott began to struggle with psychological problems. Rashford was among those who were frequently concerned when Scott found himself at the bottom of a cliff. When he began to accept reality, he began to play amateur football: “I play a little bit for Newcastle Town, right on my doorstep. Literally, I can just step out of the house, into the street to play football. .”

In the end, Scott’s perseverance paid off. A representative has been contacted to discuss the possibility of moving to Hong Kong. Three years after leaving United, he looks to Asia for a fresh start on and off the pitch: “Me and my family don’t even have to discuss it. It can be seen as a huge risk. for some, but for me, it was the opportunity I needed to restart my football career.”

When Scott arrived at Happy Valley, a team in the Hong Kong First Division, he struggled to get used to the climate, but quickly adapted: ” To be fair, I liked it. This was my first visit. Asia so I didn’t know what to expect but since the day I got here I’ve loved it The weather is great, but it’s horrible for soccer because it’s like always being 30 or so. 40 degrees every time you step on the pitch, it took me a bit of time to get used to it.”

“I was basically free for six months, but I continued to work on the pitch and won Player of the Tournament, being voted into the Team of the Year in my first year here. . Honestly, it’s not real. I never expected to do that in my first year back in professional football.”
Abandoned by MU after 14 years, young stars redo their careers in Asia - Football

 Charlie remade his career in Asia.

A few weeks later, he was signed by Kitchee, the defending Hong Kong Premier League champion and five-time champion in the past seven seasons: ” You are only allowed to have five foreign players in Hong Kong. So. , it’s quite difficult to get one of those positions, especially for Kitchee, the best team in Hong Kong. They won it many times and played in the Asian Champions League, so I was very nervous when they did. contact me after the roller coaster ride of the last couple of years.Again it’s a utopia.I joined Kitchee last August and signed a 2 year contract there, so I just hope I can continue to do well here.”

Still just 24, Scott has finally found his home in Hong Kong and feels like his career has just begun: “I feel like my career has literally started anew and I’m happy. more than ever I have a girlfriend here too, so my goal is to keep working I’m still 24, still have a whole career ahead of me, whether it’s staying in Asia or trying back in Europe, I’ll keep pushing and hopefully the effort will pay off.”

Next time he flies back to England and meets Rashford, the two will surely have a lot to talk about.

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